Monday, September 12, 2011

Bilibid: Veteran bidders stands tall in this new Piso Auction Site.

They give super discounted prices of gadgets, gift cards, vacation sprees and cellphone loads to Filipinos nationwide. They are this Piso Auction Sites that are emerging since June of 2011. 

Pisobid started out the barrage and was followed by Bidangbidder that turns out to be a failure. Then Bilibid came up just months after Pisobid launched its site.

I was pretty excited when this site was launched because it's new and less bidders are registered. However, when the site first auction started, I have noticed numerous and familiar names in it. Names like:

These are just 8 of the names that comes up in every piso auction site in the country. I can consider them as veterans of the game but, how about the newbies, do they stand a chance from this big guns of bidding? 


I really want to join in Bilibid but I think I do not stand a chance with these names. They get everything from GC's to the major items.

Take a look at this: This list is only from Aug 30-Present. Notice, how many times these names won!

And lastly, take a look at prettyhazel:

This is the same person who sells bidpacks and the wife of fortdan023:


As I am writing this, more or less 60% of the winners in Bilibid is won by the names above. You don't believe it? Check the Winners link in their site.

I really hope Bilibid will impose fairness to their site so that each and every member has the chance to win just like what Pisobid did to theirs. They made NEW AUCTION TYPES to cater every member so that everyone has fair chance to win and these names are not present on their site.

Nightlife in Adelaide

Pubs, clubs, and bars are the spots for Adelaide's nightlife east to west. Numerous numbers of pubs and bars are scattered all throughout the area.  These clubs regularly houses local bands and musicians, stand up comedians and more here is a list of the 5 best nightlife spots in Adelaide.

Cargo Club

Situated in Hindley Street, Cargo club is a well known hot zone in Adelaide's nightlife.  Enjoy the best underground hip music for the young ones. Disk Jockeys play their techno, dance and house mixes on a Wednesday and Fridays.  This is also a venue for local Australian bands and international acts that gives every tourist entertainment on weekend nights. Amazingly decorated from the inside and serves a healthy selection of cocktails which includes premier martinis. Drop by early if you are going to go clubbing, lines tend to form very quickly at this well known club.

Adelaide Festival Centre

The Adelaide Festival Centre is a well known multipurpose arts centre that contains several theatre, galleries and concert venues for local and international artists. The place also hosts theatre arts like world class opera, drama, and music which almost always fill the arts centre regularly.  The Centre also holds the highly anticipated Adelaide Bank Festival of Arts which takes place every couple of years. An outdoor amphitheatre is also included with the facility situated along the banks of Torrens' River.

Skycity Adelaide Casino

If a casino is your way of relaxation, then play with lady luck in the Sky City Casino which can be found in the central business district.  This casino is a place to visit for both locals and guests.  Their facility consists of more than 700 gaming machines and 70 gaming tables lined up waiting casino goers to kick it start.  Sky City is also a venue for nightlife because there are bars, clubs and restaurants present in the area.  If you want to go slow with swing and jazz then the Balcony Bar will be perfect for you, but if you want to go wild and dance all night, Loco Lounge will give it to you and if you just want to dine and eat some food Signals Bistro and North restaurant is the place to be.

Supermild Lounge Bar

Another hot spot for the night is the dazzling and comfy Supermild Lounge Bar which is one of the best there is in the capital.  The bar holds a rich selection of specially cocktails, top class beers and offers you a calm and relaxed ambience.   Dress up appropriately upon entering as a dress code is required to maintain class.  The 70's came back to life as customers wear their fanciest attire creating a retro impression.

Fumo Blu

Are you a cigar enthusiast or just fancy one?  Fumo Blu is for you.  A nice area where guests can unwind and light up a cigar as you come in.  Enjoy it with a cocktail of your choice is a somewhat like the 50's setting.  Spark a conversation with a fish tank filled with tropical fishes and corals present inside the bar.  Choose in a wide array of wine selection and various cocktail lists.  And most importantly, suit up! For a strict dress code is imposed - no shirt, rubber shoes, and short.

Universal Wine Bar

The bar that boasts of its distinct European style, this bar draws the line for wine tasting. Universal Wine Bar attracts visitors to indulge in fine wine tasting and invites you for some varieties which were made in the state.
If you want an unusual escape to this place, why don’t you book you Adelaide Accommodation as early as now to avoid the holiday rush?  Plan out your activities and sort which one you will actually visit.

David Yurman: Jewelry At Its Best

Jewelry is considered as the main addition to a beautiful dress when you are going into an event. Designers like Lia Sophia and others all over the world competes and are battling their way to the consumer's heart and diverse tastes with the use of the rarest stones or the much simpler ones. A good example of this is David Yurman who engraved his name in the fashion world because of his masterpieces.

Frequently used by showbiz personalities, sports superstars and the rich and famous, the jewelry made by designer David Yurman is obviously a little bit expensive due to its luxuriant appearance and exquisite styles.

But even though his designs are made for those who have lots and lots of money, there are also some designs of his jewelry that ranges from $350-$400 which most people want to buy.

He utilizes silver and gold or both and sometimes titanium to produce his popular jewelry. DY does not only focus on jewelry, he also explore other fields like watches for men and women, small and large size David Yurman rings, top class Yurman bracelets and necklaces and stuffs like that. Yurman is the designer of the "twisted cable". It was a kind of bracelet design that hit the market which made him famous as a designer of jewelry. This braided like look on the bracelet pulled Yurman from nobody to somebody.

All around America, DY has 18 jewelry shops and the brand that wears his name is now growing rapidly throughout the world.

He showed some designing interest since he is young. As a born artist, David took a great love on sculpture. It was on the 60's that young David gained his stars by working and living with bohemian surroundings. He is in the Greenwich Village usually, taking advantage to the place's beautiful and inspiring set up.

David was working in a studio when he saw the young girl he then fell in love with, Sybil. The spark was mutual and David began to make bits of jewelry for his beloved girl to wear. When Sybil was wearing Yurman's designed belt buckle whiles looking art exhibits, the owner of the gallery took interest in Sybil's belt buckle and asked her if she want to mass produce the buckle commercially. Yurman did not take the offer but sparked the realization that his works are made to be popular.

20 years after, Yurman's selection of finely made jewelry has grown to be one of America's premier jewelry brands. His designs are not designed to please the rich and famous alone; he also has designs that are made to amaze the regular earning people. Class A, Yurman replicas and imitations are spreading all over the internet but nothing will replace a David Yurman masterpiece.

Your Lawn Will Surely Love This Black and Decker Grass Hog

Our yard will be the first thing our visitors notice at our home.  Homeowners spend much time in mowing their lawn but sometimes they are not contented of the job it did.  Yes, mowers do their job.  It handles particularly the most area of the lawn and will do it quick without hassling you.

But there is always something lacking, your yard, like any other masterpiece, small details are very particular. Usually, when the major part your lawn has been cut, bushy parts on the sides and edges are sometimes taken for granted.  Yes, you got what you want, but is it great when the trimmings are all uniformed?   

The Black and Decker Grass Hog has been around for years and weren't stained by the recall of products a few years back.  It is more advanced when it comes to its power and cutter that goes together with its lightweight and other powerful features.  You might not get used to this machine quickly, but when you use it for few spins it is enough for you to know it well.

Old trimmer models tend to break the line and have to do something funny to refresh the spool.  But this weird system of bumping the head in the ground will cause more problems in the future.  Black and Decker Grass Hog are nowhere near those trimmers.  This machine has with it unique feed spool system that enables you to work with no delay.  Trimming is now just like walking down the lawn with a piece of superlight machine on hand.  

This Black and Decker grass trimmer is very much affordable.  For more information on how to cut short a homeowner's mowing time and go on with other chores, you can read some Black and Decker Grass Hog Reviews to know more about this magnificent product.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A Brief Overview Of Pisobid, Philippines' Premier Piso Auction Site – One of the rising and the coolest website in the Philippines today. This is simply because of their most exciting auction that can be participated even if you are at home! The site became operational last June and has already auctioned away hundreds of items (smart phones, dslr cameras, gift certificates and more) just a month after its release and with more than 40,000 likes in Facebook.


Pisobid is just like a regular auction, but here, the price starts at 1.00php.  The price only goes up by a cent per bid. The last one to bid and with the highest price will win the item when the timer ticks off.

  • Numbers in color RED and GREY are the countdown timers
  • Numbers in GOLD are the current highest bids
  • Names in GREEN are the names of the bidder with the highest bid

Dell Streak 5 Android Tablet sold for 68.56php

The price of the item in a penny auction site like this doesn’t rise up that much. A winning bidder will surely get 96% discount on the product in auction. Way more affordable compared to the product in malls.

LG 32" Full HD LCD TVsold for 136.05php 

What Pisobid gives to their members are the chance of a dream shopping and the excitement of the bidding all in the convenience of your home. What you will need is a decent personal computer, a good internet provider and some bid packs. Bid packs are now available for the comfort of the bidders. You can actually get them easily by credit card, a Paypal account, G cash or your local Loadcentral station.

If you have already bought your bid, you can now enjoy the excitement of bidding for the item that you want!

Now if you win, you do not have to bother to go to Pisobid’s main office and claim your price. All you have to do is to wait for 3-4 days and the Pisobid team will carry your prize at your doorstep. All you have to pay is the price of your highest bid and the shipping fee as well. The Pisobid team can deliver the item wherever you are in the Philippines.

If you are going to register right now, you will get 5 free bids automatically. Be sure to observe how the bidding works so that you will not waste your bids. 

Here's an interview of potpot who won an Xbox360 with her 5 free bids!

Remember: patience and good strategy will win you the prize.