Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A Brief Overview Of Pisobid, Philippines' Premier Piso Auction Site

Pisobid.com – One of the rising and the coolest website in the Philippines today. This is simply because of their most exciting auction that can be participated even if you are at home! The site became operational last June and has already auctioned away hundreds of items (smart phones, dslr cameras, gift certificates and more) just a month after its release and with more than 40,000 likes in Facebook.


Pisobid is just like a regular auction, but here, the price starts at 1.00php.  The price only goes up by a cent per bid. The last one to bid and with the highest price will win the item when the timer ticks off.

  • Numbers in color RED and GREY are the countdown timers
  • Numbers in GOLD are the current highest bids
  • Names in GREEN are the names of the bidder with the highest bid

Dell Streak 5 Android Tablet sold for 68.56php

The price of the item in a penny auction site like this doesn’t rise up that much. A winning bidder will surely get 96% discount on the product in auction. Way more affordable compared to the product in malls.

LG 32" Full HD LCD TVsold for 136.05php 

What Pisobid gives to their members are the chance of a dream shopping and the excitement of the bidding all in the convenience of your home. What you will need is a decent personal computer, a good internet provider and some bid packs. Bid packs are now available for the comfort of the bidders. You can actually get them easily by credit card, a Paypal account, G cash or your local Loadcentral station.

If you have already bought your bid, you can now enjoy the excitement of bidding for the item that you want!

Now if you win, you do not have to bother to go to Pisobid’s main office and claim your price. All you have to do is to wait for 3-4 days and the Pisobid team will carry your prize at your doorstep. All you have to pay is the price of your highest bid and the shipping fee as well. The Pisobid team can deliver the item wherever you are in the Philippines.

If you are going to register right now, you will get 5 free bids automatically. Be sure to observe how the bidding works so that you will not waste your bids. 

Here's an interview of potpot who won an Xbox360 with her 5 free bids!

Remember: patience and good strategy will win you the prize.

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