Monday, September 12, 2011

Nightlife in Adelaide

Pubs, clubs, and bars are the spots for Adelaide's nightlife east to west. Numerous numbers of pubs and bars are scattered all throughout the area.  These clubs regularly houses local bands and musicians, stand up comedians and more here is a list of the 5 best nightlife spots in Adelaide.

Cargo Club

Situated in Hindley Street, Cargo club is a well known hot zone in Adelaide's nightlife.  Enjoy the best underground hip music for the young ones. Disk Jockeys play their techno, dance and house mixes on a Wednesday and Fridays.  This is also a venue for local Australian bands and international acts that gives every tourist entertainment on weekend nights. Amazingly decorated from the inside and serves a healthy selection of cocktails which includes premier martinis. Drop by early if you are going to go clubbing, lines tend to form very quickly at this well known club.

Adelaide Festival Centre

The Adelaide Festival Centre is a well known multipurpose arts centre that contains several theatre, galleries and concert venues for local and international artists. The place also hosts theatre arts like world class opera, drama, and music which almost always fill the arts centre regularly.  The Centre also holds the highly anticipated Adelaide Bank Festival of Arts which takes place every couple of years. An outdoor amphitheatre is also included with the facility situated along the banks of Torrens' River.

Skycity Adelaide Casino

If a casino is your way of relaxation, then play with lady luck in the Sky City Casino which can be found in the central business district.  This casino is a place to visit for both locals and guests.  Their facility consists of more than 700 gaming machines and 70 gaming tables lined up waiting casino goers to kick it start.  Sky City is also a venue for nightlife because there are bars, clubs and restaurants present in the area.  If you want to go slow with swing and jazz then the Balcony Bar will be perfect for you, but if you want to go wild and dance all night, Loco Lounge will give it to you and if you just want to dine and eat some food Signals Bistro and North restaurant is the place to be.

Supermild Lounge Bar

Another hot spot for the night is the dazzling and comfy Supermild Lounge Bar which is one of the best there is in the capital.  The bar holds a rich selection of specially cocktails, top class beers and offers you a calm and relaxed ambience.   Dress up appropriately upon entering as a dress code is required to maintain class.  The 70's came back to life as customers wear their fanciest attire creating a retro impression.

Fumo Blu

Are you a cigar enthusiast or just fancy one?  Fumo Blu is for you.  A nice area where guests can unwind and light up a cigar as you come in.  Enjoy it with a cocktail of your choice is a somewhat like the 50's setting.  Spark a conversation with a fish tank filled with tropical fishes and corals present inside the bar.  Choose in a wide array of wine selection and various cocktail lists.  And most importantly, suit up! For a strict dress code is imposed - no shirt, rubber shoes, and short.

Universal Wine Bar

The bar that boasts of its distinct European style, this bar draws the line for wine tasting. Universal Wine Bar attracts visitors to indulge in fine wine tasting and invites you for some varieties which were made in the state.
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