Monday, September 12, 2011

Bilibid: Veteran bidders stands tall in this new Piso Auction Site.

They give super discounted prices of gadgets, gift cards, vacation sprees and cellphone loads to Filipinos nationwide. They are this Piso Auction Sites that are emerging since June of 2011. 

Pisobid started out the barrage and was followed by Bidangbidder that turns out to be a failure. Then Bilibid came up just months after Pisobid launched its site.

I was pretty excited when this site was launched because it's new and less bidders are registered. However, when the site first auction started, I have noticed numerous and familiar names in it. Names like:

These are just 8 of the names that comes up in every piso auction site in the country. I can consider them as veterans of the game but, how about the newbies, do they stand a chance from this big guns of bidding? 


I really want to join in Bilibid but I think I do not stand a chance with these names. They get everything from GC's to the major items.

Take a look at this: This list is only from Aug 30-Present. Notice, how many times these names won!

And lastly, take a look at prettyhazel:

This is the same person who sells bidpacks and the wife of fortdan023:


As I am writing this, more or less 60% of the winners in Bilibid is won by the names above. You don't believe it? Check the Winners link in their site.

I really hope Bilibid will impose fairness to their site so that each and every member has the chance to win just like what Pisobid did to theirs. They made NEW AUCTION TYPES to cater every member so that everyone has fair chance to win and these names are not present on their site.


  1. kung sino ka mang puta ka liza magsama kayo ni pisoman konting panahon na lang babagsakan kayo parepareho ng kidlat mga scammer

  2. Papa888 replied to my post but I cannot see it.. Why? Anyways, here's what he said:

    Hi Liza,

    This is papa888.

    I understand your point. And I agree that Bilibid should impose win limits so as to guarantee everyone a fair chance of winning.

    I will not delve into the issues related to Pisobid as this is not the proper forum to tackle that. Suffice to say that there are 2 sides to that issue.

    However, I would like to express my disappointment with your final comment about our names not being present in Bilibid. Correct me if I'm wrong, are you advocating or suggesting that we be banned from Bilibid simply because we're winning? Or is it simply because you're afraid to play against any of us? I'm sure you can check but I've only won a couple of auctions myself and lost in a lot of them. But, if in essence, you're implying a ban on any player in the list above simply because you can't win, then the answer is simple. DON'T BID! You invest nothing and lose nothing.

    If I have misunderstood your post, then please forgive this my reply. But, if I am right, then take my advice or get ready to play.

    Each player above (or any other player for that matter) invests hard earned money to buy bids and takes the chance of losing as much as everyone else.

    I am not replying to create any animosity but simply to clarify your comments and give you my own perception of the Bidding process. I speak only for myself and in no way do I represent any of the opinions of the other players you have stated above. (I leave that to them)

    Liza, at the end of the day, we are all players governed by the same rules, taking the same risks, spending the same money and playing the same game. Let's just have fun and not be antagonistic with anyone simply because they are winning. (much less publish a picture of that person without consent)

    I believe Bilibid is already in the process of drafting and implementing rules that will give everyone equal chances of winning.

    Good luck in your bidding!


    Well for papa888 I am entitled for my opinion and this is my blog. I can post anything I want. Wala naman akong sinasabi na pambabastos, I am just stating the facts na ang BILIBID paulit ulit lang yung nananalo. And about yung Pisobid, again, I am just stating facts na meron naman talagang na ban kasi nag violate ng rules. Anyways, thank you for being so kind.

    @Pisoman the SCAMMER

    I know this is papa888... Dadalawa lang kayo kasi sa aking gmail account. You and papa888. If this is PAPA888, wag kang magtago and just say what you want to say. :)

    Too bad PAPA888, may copy kasi sa gmail account ko ang mga sinabi mo. Pero biglang nawala. I think kasi nagdouble send ang IP address mo. :)

    I just want to quote what you said\

    "Good luck in your bidding!"


  3. Pahabol lang, hindi ko po tinitira ang mga taong nasa post ko po, gusto ko lang naman iparating sa Bilibid na unfair sa ibang bumibili ng bidpacks tapos hindi naman nananalo kasi grabe ang competition, walang limit.

    Pag veteran bidder ka, mas malaki chance ikaw manalo kesa yung mga nag sisimula pa lang. Tapos, ang binibigay sa mga newbies yun pang mga tig P500 worth na GC. Ano ba yan, wala kaming chance manalo sa mga malalaking items. Diba?

  4. Kita ko nga... Puro huggieboy, prettyhazel, hunter357. hehehe. Curious lang ako kung totoo ba talaga. Andun nga.. Daming huggieboy! Congrats!

    Mas ok kung e check ng bilibid to. The same kasi yung nananalo eh..

  5. Hi liza.. i already send a message in your FB and this is fortdan023 ngpost din ako pero hinde lumabas sayo kaya minessage ko na lang sayo sa FB mo... Btw can you remove my wife image on this blog... image lang.. respeto lng naman...

  6. Liza remember in Bidding There is no such us a "SURE WIN"

  7. Hi Liza,

    I have a question lang. Are you implying I am pisoman the scammer? I can definitely say without a doubt that I am not that guy! I woulod never speak to you in such a manner and hindi ko style yan.

    Thanks for posting my comment!

    Again, good luck in bidding!

  8. Liza,

    Pahabol lang din po sa pahabol mo. Alam mo tawag dyan is Rite of Passage or commonly called Initiation. We all went through it and I agree, it's not easy. I lost a lot before I finally got my 1st win. But with a little more experience, makukuha mo na din ang style mo to win. Tama si Fort. In the bidding process, walang such a thing as SURE WIN! Swertihan din....

    Kaya don't lose hope! May laban tayo kahit kanino!

    Paulit lang, hindi ako si pisoman the scammer.

    Good luck!

  9. @papa888: Did you mean:

    "Walang such thing as sure win?" hehehe..Im just playing with you.

    Pero papa888 totoo naman po ang sinasabi ni Liz diba? Paulit ulit lang ang nananalo, itong si prettyhazel po grabe po ang ipinanalo oh! Short list pa lang yan. The list continues sa facebook fanpage ng Bilibid. Diba? And how sure are you na hindi kayo tauhan ng Bilibid? Dapat din sana nilalagyan ng limitations ang Bilibid para lahat ma accommodate.

    Here, made a new blog about

  10. hi this is matvinculado, di ko alam bakit n ban ako sa pisobid after ko manalo ng mga items na diamond and mabayaran ang shipping nun.. si papa888 and fortdan and hunter pati hermanculannay, nakalaban ko yan sila and natalo ko rin sila, di ko sila pinagtatangol i'm just thinking what if ako ung always nananalo so ako rin ang papatamaan nyo sa mga comment, nyo hahah funny naman kayo? kung ako parating nananalo tapos gaganyanin nyo ako sa mga comment nyo simple lang sagot ko sa inyo, "ANU NGAYON LIBANGAN KO TO AT MAYAMAN AKO, GUSTO MO IKAW ANG AUCTION KASI I WILL DO EVERYTHING PARA MAPANALUNAN KA!!!" peace tayo hehe i'm just stating the fact, di ako nag violate sa kahit anung violation ni pisobid, you should ask yourself this, and mga bidders ba ang nandadaya or ang isang auction site. if compare mo naman bilibid and pisobid i think 100% safe ang bilibid. pisobid??? common you know the answer already!!

  11. @Mila dont look on one side of the coin only .. prettyhazel lost too much.. compare to winning.. my wife already spend 1.5k bids in 125bid price.. 800 bids for 1pc 500 gc.. . yeah she really win in bidding pero the fact na luge pa rin kung tutuusin... kung sa tingin nyo na tauhan kami ni Bilibid y dont ask bilibid para malaman niyo katotohanan baka magulat ka pa at manghinayang k pag nacompute mo na ang total na nainvest nmin ni misis sa bid VS the winning price n nkkuha namin..

  12. @the AUTHOR "LADY LIZ" can you please remove my wife picture respeto lang po... thanks in advance.

  13. @MATVINCULADO: Ui! Nakalimutan ko lang pangalan mo. And mark, are you gay? You are shouting at a woman and bragging how rich you are. Well, I have 3 words for you. "I DONT CARE"

    I am not talking about Pisobid here, and I AM NOT TALKING IF BILIBID IS SAFE!

    Can you please read the whole article? Oh! Are you one of the paid individuals para ipaglaban ang auction site na Bilibid? Parang affected na affected ka eh nakalimutan nga kitang isali.

    If you have any issues about Pisobid, I do not have time for that. Ok? Punta ka na lang sa NBI. :)

    And lastly Ms. MarkCulado, I am not comparing anything. Wag ka pahalata na alepores ka ng Bilibid.

  14. Hindi ko naman pinupuna kung magkano ang ginasta ng misis mo, or ginasta mo, or ng anak mo or ng mga kamag anak at kaibigan mo para manalo jan sa Bilibid and I am not questioning the integrity of the site. What I said is that you and your wife and the others win... A LOT! And that means... A LOT! From opening sa Bilibid until now, andyan pa rin kayo. Yun lang. :) Peace din! No harm done here. Just explaining my side. :)

  15. Payo ko lang sa iyo wag kang lalabas ng bahay. Bilang na oras mo. At ako bumibilang sa oras mo. Kung akala mo walang nakakaalam kung sino ka, magisip isip ka. Hindi mo kilala ang binangga mo. Pag pinasadahan ka ng bala ng tirador ko sa dila gaya nung isa kong pinatira sa may quezon city saka ka matatauhan.

  16. I'm giving you a head start. Wag kang magalala. Pag may nakita kang tandem na naka motor. Magtago ka na. Kung makatago ka pa. Rest in peace.

  17. @jamorsolo, too bad andito ako sa Dubai ngayon! Mag hire ka na lang ng arabong killer. Is this Mark Culado? hehehe.. Nasaktan ka ba kasi sinabi ko bading ka? Sorry.. Sinigawan mo kasi ako.

    Anyways, I was just telling the facts here. Wala ng iba. Kaya nga nag provide ng mga visual aids para may proof ang mga sinasabi ko. Kahit mga newbies agree sa mga sinasabi ko.

    DAPAT MAY EQUAL CHANCE LAHAT! Hindi po palaging, prettyhazel, huggieboy, papa888, hermanculannay, hunter357 at iba pa!!

    Ay sorry sumisigaw ako..

  18. @jamorsolo it doesnt make any sense at all kung i threaten mo siya.... you just making all things worst... kung sino ka man. di k nakakatulong ...

  19. @lady liz :)

    you know di ako nakikipag away sayo e, you just lack of imagination, sana lang before k nagcomment ng maaang hang n salita, halatang affected ka pag pisobid ang pinag uusapan, about sa bilibid actually di pa ako nananalo dun, dissappointed kasi ako sa mga bidding sites, kaw e ban k ba naman ng walang kadahilanan, specially full load account mo at may mga wins ka pa na di napadala sayo, hmmm i wonder kung ikaw kaya sa kalagayan ko, hmmm masasabi mo kaya mga sinasabi mo now. you know I just invest some bids to bilibid, check the winners list, i'll prove to you soon i'm gonna win :) and take note wag mo naman po akong sabihan ng aliporis ni bilibid, layo ko po davao pa ako. and also take note di rin ako nakikipag away sayo hehe peace :)

    ako okay lang naman na tawagin mo akong bading eh, who case, ayyyyyyyyy charing nyahahahah jokes...

    sana lang totoo kang babae, and kung babae ka man sana po di ka mukhang lalaki, peace ^^ bato bato sa langit ang tamaan wag magagalit :)

  20. @liz again, hehehe kahit taga davao ako di naman po ako terrorista, and may pinag aralan po ako. how come na ako ang gusto na papatay sayo, will kung may papatay man sayo im sure di ako un, hahah panu kaya sumagi sa isip mo un na ako un, oyyyy affected sa previous post ko, the first post ko hahaha grabe tawa ko, di ko kailangan gumamit ng ibang name para mag post ng kung anu anung kalukuhan.... sorry to tell you di ako yang amorsolo na yan. wag kang pikon... i wonder anu kayang ginagawa mo sa dubai, im sure di naman uso jan phils. bidding site eh hehe. nakakapag taka kasi ang layo mo :) anyway kung sino man si amorsolo, wish you luck bro :)

  21. @MissMarkCulado: Hindi po ako affected kung Pisobid ang pinag uusapan. Sige pag sigawan mo ang hinanakit mo sa Pisobid, oh, pinagbibigyan na kita ha. Sige, tili lang ng tili.

    And again, wala akong po akong pakialam kung magkano nasayang mo sa kung saang piso auction site yan.

    Basahin mo ulit yung post, Kasali ka ba? Bakit panay complain mo?

    I was just pointing out to the constant winners and unfortunately, isa ka lang sa mga nag la-like ng mga status nila. So, hindi ka po kasali. Dapat pa nga masiyahan ka if ang Bilibid e limit ang mga winnings ng mga taong ito. Sabi mo hindi kapa nananalo sa Bilibid pero panay depensa mo dito? Tapos ayaw mong tawagin kitang alepores?

    Gusto mong mag complain sa Pisobid here? Sige mag complain ka. Tatahimik lang po ako. Ano?

    Hindi ka nakikipag away? Bakit sumasali ka eh hindi ka nga kasali?

    Taga Davao ka? Sige, mag bisaya ta kay taga Marawi man ko. Trabaho kog dubai kay engineer man ko. Ikaw? Storya ta bisaya. Nganu diay ug bisaya ka? Di ka pwede bayran sa Bilibid? Pag sure ui!

    Mautak kasi ako Mark,hindi ako nagpapa adik sa mga ganito. Especially pag nakikita ko na parang unfair ang site.

    Kung na ban ka man sa Pisobid, BUTI NGA SAYO! =)
    Pero peace pa rin! hehehe.

    @Forthazel: Eheeem, sorry for that miss/mr forthazel.

    Anyways, tatlong angulo lang ang tinitingnan ko kung saan nanggaling tong si amorsolo.

    1. Taga Bilibid
    2. Mga taong nasa post
    3. Si CuladoMark - Nasabihan ko na bading eh. Nagalit siguro gustong pumatay. Ganyan kasi ang mga bading. Pag nasasaktan, bayolente. :)


  22. @Liza Rey before anything else.. I message you several time regarding my wife picture...

    its quite simple... JUST REMOVE THE PICTURE.. no more no less....

  23. oi liz taga mindanao man diay pod ka, i don't believe na gagawin ni bilibid yan, naa man siguro reason si bilibid kung dili nila e limit, ana man pod si pisobid dati, for now ga start p lang na sila so need nila og daghan na bidder, ga like ko kay akong uyab maka daog and tinuod pod sila paspas mapadala ang item, then mo tawag sila and wala silay mga rules na pabor sa ila, ang ako lang nganung tirahon man nimo ang mga winners, ang bidding site sugal ni sya, wa n tay labot if mo gasto sila, di lang naman ito ang umfair eh, life is unfair... and deli ko bayolinte, heheh infact wala na effecto bisan unsa itawag nimo sa akoa, wa koy L heheh... naa ra mana sa imoha ba, sooner sa imong gi buhat sa mga tao n na especially posting personal info, unta dili na mahitabo sa imohang life. advise lang pag affologize sa ilaha, ako mo apologize ko nimo sorry if naa man ko na ingon na bati. pero bidder pod ko, nagkataon lang n wala akong name. kaya mo sabot pod dapat ka nako.

  24. @Liza.. Sorry is granted.. but pede b ptangal na lng ng picture.. ksi picture ni misis ang pinakamalaki at nhhighlight dito eh...

  25. @Mark, ay daaay.. watevs na lang. Its up to the readers na lang. Ok? Wa koy L sad kung unsa ka pas pas sila magpadala or unsa imong rason dha.

    Wa koy L pud sa Pisobid ug Bilibid. Wa pud koy L sa crisis sa imong life. Kay layo ra kaayo ka sa topic.

    Pwede ta maghisgot ana sa lain nga forum pero dri, ang mga ningdaog sa Bilibid. Balik2x. Period. Naa ra na nimo kung muingon kag agree or disagree. Mao ra. Wa nay lain explanation.

    Diba? Balik2 man ang gapangdaog sa Bilibid? Oo or Dili? Beh?

  26. they're using BOTS... a penny auction software has that option -- "autobidders".. closely inspect the competing bidders especially those on high-value item auctions..

  27. Grabe. Pareparehas naman tlaga nanalo sa kanila.

  28. Mukhang kahinahinala nga talaga, after mag sulputan ang mga reklamo dahil paulit ulit yung nananalo, mukhang nag iba na ngayon.

    Hindi na sumasali ang mga bigating pangalan (veteran bidders). Pero meron pa ring mga gahaman na kumukuha pa talaga ng items kahit 500php hindi pwedeng mapagbigyan.

    Si fortdan talaga ang kina aasar ko. Asar ako sa kanya talaga. ANG TAKAW MAGBID! Tapos nag titinda pa ng load. hahay.

    FORTDAN, isa kang tunay na PINOY!

  29. IMHO, a penny auction, or as we locally call it, a piso auction, is meant to be competitive. It was just a mistake on Bilibid's part to not have win limits early on in their operation. But I don't think you guys should be fighting over this. A game is supposed to be fun, not a venue for animosity.

    Btw, is already open for registration. We will be launching soon and we assure you we employ win limits so everyone has a chance of winning. We don't use autobidders either and we strive to be as transparent as possible with regards to our operations.

  30. will notify blogger according to the terms of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), that certain content in your blog (photo) is alleged to infringe upon the copyrights of others.

    maybe you are also liable for this: tort of Misappropriation

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    1) Unauthorized use by someone of your picture or name for commercial advantage

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  31. Do not participate in this gambling sites like pisobid, bilibid, and etc. because of their corrupted system type of gambling and this are the reasons.

    1. Team play is very common. (Evidence: Pro bidder cannot lose easily to newbie with a good amount of point or other pro bidder who move alone but easily lose on other specific pro bidder.)

    2. This gambling site promotes richer people will always win and normal people will always lose. Gambling is like a wheel a penny can be thousands and thousands can be a million but when you lose your penny or thousand will be gone (that is fairness). But here it is not like gambling at all. It's like putting a penny and when you lose put another one and so on until you win. Meaning, it weights our wealth and with a minimum percentage of luck (brownouts, Computer Hangs).

  32. Your request for fairness cannot be granted here. Have at least 10k bids and when you do win and let people know you. Ending point, you will have a lot of friends and you will always win. You just need to click bid button and newbie will not bid at all and your friend can let you have it and just ask a favor not to participate next time or help him and in return he will help you incase you need them. Maybe share a winning is not a bad idea also. Especially when one on one.