Monday, September 12, 2011

David Yurman: Jewelry At Its Best

Jewelry is considered as the main addition to a beautiful dress when you are going into an event. Designers like Lia Sophia and others all over the world competes and are battling their way to the consumer's heart and diverse tastes with the use of the rarest stones or the much simpler ones. A good example of this is David Yurman who engraved his name in the fashion world because of his masterpieces.

Frequently used by showbiz personalities, sports superstars and the rich and famous, the jewelry made by designer David Yurman is obviously a little bit expensive due to its luxuriant appearance and exquisite styles.

But even though his designs are made for those who have lots and lots of money, there are also some designs of his jewelry that ranges from $350-$400 which most people want to buy.

He utilizes silver and gold or both and sometimes titanium to produce his popular jewelry. DY does not only focus on jewelry, he also explore other fields like watches for men and women, small and large size David Yurman rings, top class Yurman bracelets and necklaces and stuffs like that. Yurman is the designer of the "twisted cable". It was a kind of bracelet design that hit the market which made him famous as a designer of jewelry. This braided like look on the bracelet pulled Yurman from nobody to somebody.

All around America, DY has 18 jewelry shops and the brand that wears his name is now growing rapidly throughout the world.

He showed some designing interest since he is young. As a born artist, David took a great love on sculpture. It was on the 60's that young David gained his stars by working and living with bohemian surroundings. He is in the Greenwich Village usually, taking advantage to the place's beautiful and inspiring set up.

David was working in a studio when he saw the young girl he then fell in love with, Sybil. The spark was mutual and David began to make bits of jewelry for his beloved girl to wear. When Sybil was wearing Yurman's designed belt buckle whiles looking art exhibits, the owner of the gallery took interest in Sybil's belt buckle and asked her if she want to mass produce the buckle commercially. Yurman did not take the offer but sparked the realization that his works are made to be popular.

20 years after, Yurman's selection of finely made jewelry has grown to be one of America's premier jewelry brands. His designs are not designed to please the rich and famous alone; he also has designs that are made to amaze the regular earning people. Class A, Yurman replicas and imitations are spreading all over the internet but nothing will replace a David Yurman masterpiece.

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